AMA – Physicians Guide to COVID-19

  • Information on how to prepare your practice or health system for COVID-19
  • Links regarding protecting yourself from infection
  • Information regarding diagnosing patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
  • What to do if you have been exposed to patients with COVID-19
  • Tips for communicating with patients
  • Medicare and Medicaid information
  • Guidance on elective procedure sand telemedicine

AMA – Resource Center for Physicians During COVID-19

Resources include:

  • Medical ethics information
  • Conserving personal protective equipment
  • Physician practice financial relief guide
  • Unemployment information
  • CDC guidelines

American College of Physicians – Information for Internists

Links regarding:

  • Practice management resources
  • Incorporating telemedicine into your practice
  • Ethical considerations
  • Podcasts related to COVID-19

American Academy of Family Physicians

Various links on resources and links regarding COVID-19 including:

  • Tips for communicating with peers
  • Ways to advocate
  • Telehealth and virtual healthcare tools
  • Continuing medical education information
  • Clinical resources and patient education
  • Practice management

American Family Physicians

  • Journal articles related to COVID-19
  • Medical response to COVID-19
  • Coding and payment during pandemic
  • Tips and information for patient care

Hospital Medicine – Information for Hospitalists

Information regarding:

  • Practice management
  • Clinical resources
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Critical care/ ICU management
  • Telehealth

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

  • Resources for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals
  • Information for emergency physicians
  • Links for critical care
  • Links for hospital and health system administrators/ leaders
  • CDC guidelines for testing and evaluating patients for COVID-19
  • Regulation and reimbursement guidelines

CDC – Healthcare Practice Preparedness

Information for preparing your clinic for COVID-19

Guidelines regarding: testing symptoms, daily life and coping, travel, case updates

Links for:

  • Evaluation and testing
  • Clinical care
  • Infection control
  • How to optimize PPE supply
  • Potential exposure at work
  • First responder guidance
  • Steps healthcare facilities can take

Illinois State Medical Society

Links for the following:

  • General covid-19 information
  • CDC links
  • Illinois department of public health information
  • Licensure and legal information for medical professionals
  • Insurance information

AMA – Senior Physician Resource Guide

Resource guide for senior physicians and considerations for retired physicians to return to work during pandemic – Discounts for Healthcare Workers

list of places offering discounts/resources for nurses and healthcare workers

Illinois Health and Hospital Association – Resources

Extensive links regarding:

  • Key resources for the health care community
  • Federal COVID-19 updates
  • Illinois COVID-19 updates
  • Personal protective equipment updates
  • Clinical guidance for providers
  • COVID-19 waiver requests
  • Immigrant related concerns
  • IHA federal policy updates
  • IHA telehealth policy updates
  • IHA payment policy updates
  • IHA legal policy updates
  • IHA daily briefing coverage list