Extensive links regarding:

  • General COVID-19 resources for nurses
  • National Guidelines during COVID-19
  • Information regarding personal protective equipment/ supplies
  • Information regarding Ventilators, ARDS, pronepositioning
  • Information regarding Ventilators, ARDS, pronepositioning
  • Airway management/ resuscitation information relating to COVID-19
  • Self Care information
  • Coronavirus response information regarding end-of-lifecare
  • International resources
  • Community/ patient resources
  • Advocacy links

Nursing World

Information regarding:

  • What nurses should know about coronavirus
  • Information for healthcare consumers
  • Advocacy information
  • Nurses, ethics, and response to pandemic
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Guidelines for people traveling
  • Information for school nurses on preparedness planning
  • Volunteer resources
  • Mental health resources for nurses
  • Research and resources

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

COVID-19 related resources for psychiatric nurses including:

  • Tips during pandemic
  • Managing stress/ self-care information
  • Working with the mentally ill during coronavirus

CDC for Healthcare Professionals

Links regarding:

  • Evaluation and testing for coronavirus
  • Clinical care guidanceInfection control
  • How to optimize the supply of personal protective gear
  • First-responder guidance

list of places offering discounts/ resources for nurses and other healthcare workers

Oncology Nursing Society

The Oncology Nursing Society has information regarding:

  • General COVID-19 resources
  • A weekly webinar series
  • Personal protective gear and safety information during COVID-19
  • Patient care and support resources
  • Resources for nurses and professional practice
  • Advocacy and policies regarding COVID-19

National Nurses United

Links for:

  • The COVID-19 homepage
  • Precautions and protection at work
  • Petition to congressMask donations
  • Employer preparedness survey

  • Free course regarding stopping the spread of COVID-19
  • Other free continuing education courses related to COVID-19
  • Tips for an upper respiratory infection telephone triage
  • Other general COVID-19 information

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Course regarding pulmonary ARDS, ventilator resources, and how to provide care to those with COVID-19

AMA -Caring for Caregivers

Links regarding:

  • Resources for health care leadership
  • Workload redistribution
  • Institutional policies
  • Meals for those in healthcare
  • Childcare and pet care for individuals working in health care
  • Personal protective equipment resources
  • Mental health resources
  • Support groups/ connecting with other health care workers
  • Other specific COVID-19 resources
Chicago and Illinois Based resources

Links regarding:

  • Education resources
  • Food resources
  • Government resources
  • LGBTQ+ resources
  • Mental health resources
  • Multi-lingual resources
  • Nonprofit and business information
  • Resources for older adults
  • Rush hospital resources
  • Utility resources
  • Undocumented immigrant health resources
  • Additional/ miscellaneous

Illinois health and hospital association provided extensive links regarding:

  • Key resources for the health care community
  • Federal COVID-19 updates
  • Illinois COVID-19 updates
  • Personal protective equipment updates
  • Clinical guidance for providers
  • COVID-19 waiver requests
  • Immigrant related concerns
  • IHA federal policy updates
  • IHA telehealth policy updates
  • IHA payment policy updates
  • IHA legal policy updates
  • IHA daily briefing coverage list