General Resources

National Association of Manufacturers – COVID 19

  • National Association of Manufacturers provided links for the following: Information regarding a request to the federal government for a “Manufacturing Resiliency Fund” which includes a $1.4 trillion loan to provide money to manufacturers and small businesses
  • Resources by state
  • Information about the federal government’s response to COVID-19 and from the CDC
  • Updates and resources from the IRS
  • Link for disaster loan assistance for small businesses
  • Employee health and safety information
  • Other information for pandemic planning
  • Custom and border protection information during outbreak
  • Information on exporting during outbreak

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

Information regarding the following COVID-19 topics:

  • Links to volunteer to help provide medical equipment during the shortage
  • Information from the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, IRS, US Department of Labor, and State of Illinois about COVID-19
  • Links for federal resources including the US Department of Labor, US Small Business Administration, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Cook County COVID 19 Response

  • Several webinars about COVID-19 and its effects on small businesses and manufacturers
  • Information about business operations
  • Links for financial support
  • Supply chain information and how to become a critical resource supplier
  • Links for manufacturers and support for employees

Financial Resources for Businesses

Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund

Applications for the Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund

  • Provides small businesses and non-profits (500 employees or less) with emergency cash flow during this health crisis. Funds will be provided to eligible businesses as low-interest loans.–xdQxA5yV5t4OBnjs9yA

  • Federal coronavirus emergency loan information for small businesses
  • Explains who qualifies, how and where to apply

Information regarding the downstate small business stabilization program:

  • Specific to the state of Illinois, this program provides up to$25,000 for small businesses (50 employees or less)