• State mandates and recommendations for COVID-19
  • Information regarding COVID-19 employment laws
  • Financial assistance information
  • Emergency procedures for dentists and patients
  • COVID-19 coding and billing guidance

American Dental Association

Links regarding:

  • Teleconferencing and security
  • COVID-19 transmission and emergency care
  • Employment law information
  • Link for dentists to apply for economic injury disaster and paycheck protection program loans
  • Examination of impact of COVID-19on dental practices

American Association of Endodontists

  • Article discussing considerations for appropriate dental care during COVID-19, transmission and prevention of COVID-19 and patient management
  • Other links to articles and webinars regarding COVID-19 and the dental community
  • Information from the CDC and WHO
  • Links discussing availability of personal protective equipment
  • Some information regarding state dental organizations
  • Legislative updates

Chicago Dental Society

Chicago dental society provided information regarding:

  • COVID-19 webinars with topics such as its impact on the dental field, how to stay healthy, procedures and protocols, the CARE act, etc.
  • Latest updates on COVID-19
  • Business related concerns in relation to COVID-19
  • Potential office risks during pandemic
  • Student/ new dentist resources
  • American dental association resources Illinois updates
  • CDC updates

American Dental Hygienists Association

Specific information for dental hygienists

Information for entire dental community regarding:

  • CDC resources
  • Information regarding stateman dates
  • Interim guidance for management of emergent and urgent dental care
  • Financial resources
  • Insurance information
  • How to report a COVID-19 related violation
  • Donation and volunteer assistance requests
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Employment concerns

Links regarding COVID-19:

  • CDC information
  • WHO information
  • OSHA information
  • American Dental association updates, recommendations
  • Resources for dental educations
  • Pandemic resource guide fordental education
  • Resources for mental health support
  • Best practices and specific state information
  • Several related articles