Helping individuals and couples repair, recover and thrive.

-Norman Vincent Peale


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Helping individuals and families repair, recover, and thrive


At ILLUMENTAL Counseling and Psychiatry, patients from throughout the Chicagoland area and throughout the state of Illinois have access to expert, personalized mental health care and psychiatric services from a team of licensed clinical therapists, a psychiatrist, and a neuropsychologist. The team is led by Alexander Obolsky, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist. ILLUMENTAL Counseling and Psychiatry offers both in-office and teletherapy assessments and mental health services, ensuring that all patients have access to the mental health care they need.
Patients receive individualized care designed to explore and address current mental health symptoms and distress, as well as explore and resolve the underlying issues that contribute to emotional difficulties.
ILLUMENTAL Counseling and Psychiatry focuses on the mental health issues of patients taking into consideration their medical needs by collaborating with outside physicians to coordinate care. The team offers treatments for trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and emotional consequences of “invisible” physical conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed, ignored, or are inadequately treated. Dr. Obolsky and his team provide customized care for patients to improve their mental health and fulfill their full potential.
Patients will have direct access to our team by phone or video between sessions if needed. We provide a flexible schedule and teletherapy to meet patients wherever is most convenient for them , including, traditional office visits or secured online video sessions. Contact ILLUMENTAL Counseling and Psychiatry for individualized, private, and discrete psychiatric care.

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Why the Coronavirus is triggering stress:

It is quite normal to be feeling stressed and overwhelmed during this difficult time.  Managing your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic is as essential as managing your physical health.

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Helping individuals and families repair, recover, and thrive

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